Without Adam Three Days Grace is not the same.. its not as good as it was with him I loved this band soo fucking much and the more it makes me sad to know that adam left the group :'(

It’s not the same, I agree with you, I’m really sad about this too, but I have hope that they will keep playing and will do an amazing job without Adam. I’ve been where you are, I hated this feeling, so I started thinking like this. It helps. You should try.

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Never too late or let it die ?

ok, that’s really hard. Let It Die is one of my favs, but Never Too Late is Never Too Late, so… Oh, God, I think I’ll stay with Let It Die, haha

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Tell me two Three Days Grace songs and I’ll tell you which one I prefer

please, guys, I’m really bored, tks.

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”..#Somebody wake me from this nightmare# I can’t escape this hell#” on We Heart It# http://weheartit#com/entry/75021374?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=image_share&utm_source=tumblr

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Your music made ​​me stronger. Thank you, Adam.

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Happy Birthday Neil Sanderson

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Saw Three Days Grace on Saturday.

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Posting photos of family that isn't your own, its a little strange since most of their family photos are private.

Actually they were all very easy to find. I have Naomi as friend on facebook and most off these pictures are there, if she didn’t want anyone to see, she wouldn’t have posted them. And I don’t really see a problem on posting this pictures. They are lovely.

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